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Explore, download, and share technical whitepapers from SimScale.

Your hub for downloading comprehensive CAE whitepapers covering everything from cloud-based simulation benefits and comparisons with on-premises solutions, to application-specific topics like electronics cooling and thermal comfort. Browse our collection and learn more now!

the current state of engineering simulation

The Current State of Engineering Simulation

Get a high-level view of how engineers use on-premises and cloud-based simulation software.

Whitepaper | Simulating the Indoor Environment

 Simulating the Indoor Environment

Learn how easy it is for engineers to access SimScale for high-fidelity simulations covering thermal comfort and air quality and run multiple simulations within a single project setup.

microclimate simulation for urban design whitepaper

Microclimate Simulation for Urban Design

Learn how engineers can harness CFD to evaluate building aerodynamics, pedestrian wind comfort, indoor and outdoor thermal comfort, and structural wind loading on buildings.

onshape esteco whitepaper

Engineering Design, Simulation, and Shape Optimization

In this whitepaper, specialists from Onshape, SimScale, and ESTECO cover the implementation of a modern design-simulate-optimize workflow in the product development cycle.

simscale structural mechanics whitepaper

Structural Mechanics Simulation in the Cloud

Learn how engineers can harness simulation in the cloud for fast and accurate assessment of deformation, stresses, and other design critical output quantities.

multiphysics whitepaper engineering simulation with simscale

Multiphysics Engineering Simulation in the Cloud

Learn the benefits of cloud-native simulation for engineers needing to simulate structural, thermal, and fluid flow behavior quickly and with high fidelity.

electronics cooling whitepaper title card

Electronics Cooling Multiphysics Simulation

Learn how cloud-native engineering simulation enables engineers to predict electronics cooling performance in the early stages of product development.

rotating machinery with engineering simulation

Simulating Turbomachinery Designs 10x Faster

This paper highlights the benefits of cloud-native engineering simulation for engineers who design and test high-performance rotating machine components.

heat island effect white paper tile simscale

Simulating Outdoor Thermal Comfort

This paper addresses how engineers can perform external comfort calculations using engineering simulation on the cloud.


Whitepaper: Benefits of CFD in Wind Turbine Design

This paper explores the challenges faced in wind turbine design and how (CAE) can help overcome them.

computational wind engineering CFD

Wind Engineering Guide

This paper addresses wind engineering considerations for architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC).

building_aerodynamics white paper hub simscale

Whitepaper: Tips for Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC)

This paper addresses hindrances that civil engineers are facing in the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry.


How to Ensure Thermal Comfort in Buildings with CFD

How to use cloud-based CFD simulations to analyze and improve HVAC systems.

online hvac simulation

How to Optimize HVAC System Designs with CFD

Evaluate the performance of alternate designs without having to build or install a prototype.


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