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simscale platform

SIMSCALE overview

Innovate faster with cloud-native simulation

SimScale is a cloud-based simulation platform that seamlessly integrates everything required for an end-to-end engineering simulation workflow, making broad and early use of simulation for the first time technically and economically feasible for any organization.

simscale platform overview
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how it works



No VPN, No remote desktop. True SaaS with instant access anywhere & anytime from a browser without any special hardware.

One platform, broad physics

No disconnected tools used in silos. A single platform with broad physics capabilities for both rough early- and detailed late-stage simulations.

Real-time collaboration

Google-Docs-style collaboration built in, enabling unparalleled in-app support as well as sharing simulations with colleagues.

Any scale

Practically no limits to simulation size, number of parallel simulations, or storage. From one-off runs to programmatic design space exploration.


Capex-free, low ‘total cost of ownership’. Economically viable from a single user to 100s of seats.

product differentiators

Physics Overview

All physics seamlessly integrated in the same cloud platform

Structural Mechanics

Fluid Dynamics



Stress & Deformation | Eigenmodes & Frequencies | Harmonic Response | Transient Dynamics | Large Deformations | Thermal Stress | Impact & Contact | Linear & Nonlinear | Parts & Assemblies | Various Material Models

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Internal / External Flow | Laminar / Turbulent | Steady-state / Transient | In- / Compressible | Iso- / Thermal | Single- / Multiphase | Mixing / Species Transport | Rotating / Moving Bodies | Porous Media | Cavitation | Microfluidics | Real Gases

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Conduction | Convection | Radiation | Conjugate Heat Transfer | Thermo-Structural | Steady/Transient | Various heat loads | Fan Models | Thin Layer Models | Thermal resistance networks

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Magnetostatics | Magnetic field | Magnetic flux density | Current density | Linear and non-linear magnetic permeability | B-H curves | Permanent magnets| Inductance matrix | Coil Resistance | Forces | Torque

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Unified Interface

SimScale’s physics simulation capabilities can be accessed in any way your workflow needs it: Either graphically via the SimScale Workbench, Programmatically via the SimScale API, or via dedicated integrations into 3rd party tools via our partner ecosystem.

Broad Physics

SimScale covers a broad range of physics simulation capabilities. From structural mechanics, over fluid dynamics, thermodynamics to electromagnetics. This allows you to cover most to all of your simulation needs on a single platform and avoid the silos of disconnected tools. 

Simulation Methods

SimScale’s physics simulation capabilities are based on best-in-class simulation methods. From robust pre-processing over various best-in-class solvers to integrated 3D post-processing.

Infrastructure Management

To scale the use of Simulation to more users, larger models, and broader physics, robust management of IT, users, data, and processes is needed. SimScale is the only simulation platform that comes with a full stack simulation infrastructure management built-in, allowing you to seamlessly scale simulation use fast and securely.

technology stack

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