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electromagnetics simulation


Cloud-based engineering platform for simulating electromagnetics

electromagnetics simulation
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Simulate Electromagnetics in Your Browser

Electromagnetic (EM) simulation is an advanced method to assess and analyze the performance of electromechanical devices and systems, eliminating the need for expensive and time-consuming physical prototyping.

SimScale’s cloud-native simulation platform empowers engineers to push the boundaries further, bypassing costly hardware and complex simulation software installations. Instead, engineers can run multiple electromagnetics simulations in parallel directly in their web browser.

This accelerates the design process and enables engineers to innovate faster, collaborate in real-time, and conduct diverse physics simulations all in one convenient workspace.

An electric motor with a superimposed electromagnetics simulation result overlaid on a SimScale workbench in a web browser
Magnetic flux density magnitude distribution of an electric motor in SimScale's electromagnetics simulation software


The Magnetostatics simulation tool in SimScale enables engineers to perform various low-frequency electromagnetics simulations, including magnetic flux density, magnetic field strength, current density, and linear and non-linear magnetic permeability analyses. Engineers can run multiple simulations in parallel and iterate on their designs based on their simulation results to reach the optimal design.

Applications and Use Cases of EM Simulation

The applicability of SimScale’s electromagnetics simulation tool spans different industries and application areas, including automotive, aerospace, consumer products, healthcare, electronics, and more.

Engineers can apply the magnetostatics analysis type to simulate, visualize, and optimize designs in:

  • DC machines
  • Electromagnetic brakes and clutches
  • Magnetic levitation devices
  • MEMS
  • Motors and generators
  • Permanent magnet motors
  • Relays
  • Sensors
  • Solenoids
Magnetic flux density distribution around a solenoid using SimScale electromagnetics simulation software 

Be one of the first users of SimScale’s Electromagnetics Simulation Software.

EMworks logo in color

SimScale’s EM Solver powered by emworks

EMworks is a prominent provider of electromagnetics simulation capabilities out of Toronto, Canada. It is widely utilized by professionals in both industry and academia and is well-recognized for producing quick and accurate simulation results. Its versatility and performance around static, low-frequency, and high-frequency electromagnetics make it perfectly aligned with SimScale. Typically, these advanced EM simulations can be time-consuming and resource-intensive. With SimScale’s accessibility and cloud computing power, companies and engineers can truly capitalize on advanced EM simulations at scale and integrate them within their product design and engineering processes.

On-Demand webinar

Electromagnetics Simulation – Now in Your Browser

SimScale is launching its first electromagnetics simulation capabilities to further complement its comprehensive suite of cloud-based, multiple-physics simulation tools. With electromagnetics simulation, engineers can now analyze the electromagnetic properties of parts and assemblies efficiently by leveraging the power of cloud computing.

  • Learn about the all-new EM simulation capabilities in SimScale
  • Be the first to know what new EM simulation features are coming soon
  • Learn how you can run multiple physics simulations in parallel for a more holistic and accelerated design-analysis cycle
cloud-based electromagnetics simulation

Discover a truly accessible industry standard simulation solution directly in your web browser. With a broad range of physics, from electromagnetics to CFD, FEA, and thermal analysis, coupled with intuitive workflows and live support, SimScale allows you to drive your designs with accurate simulation insights. Request a demo and see for yourself.