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About SimScale

SimScale is the world’s first production-ready SaaS application for engineering simulation!

We dream of a future where engineers are able to optimize their designs better and faster. We want to be the destination for designers across the globe, by providing a cloud-based simulation tool, educational hub, and collaborative community of innovators. Learn more about SimScale.

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Our Story

SimScale was founded in 2012 by David Heiny, Vincenz Dölle, Johannes Probst, Alex Fischer, and Anatol Dammer. Having a bigger vision in mind, SimScale started off as a consultancy, and further led the founders to a new vision that allowed them to utilize their simulation knowledge. In 2011, when cloud-computing was not yet as mainstream as it is today, they had the idea to create a simulation platform that allows every engineer in the world to get access to simulation.

timeline of simscale company history

Our Offices

Here at SimScale, our dedicated team offers real-time consulting support with offices across two time zones. We are headquartered in Munich, Germany, and have offices in New York and Boston, United States, as well as a growing team with people working from various remote locations across the globe.

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Munich, Germany

Munich, referred to as the “world city with heart”, is the third-largest city in Germany, offering a vibrant and innovative atmosphere. It is an international and modern tech hub with a unique and traditional Bavarian charm, close to the Alps, and boasts many exciting travel possibilities!

Boston and Remote, USA

Known to many as one of the most notable cultural, financial, and bustling metropolises of America, Boston attracts people from all over the world and is currently home to some of our sales, marketing, and engineering team members.

Remote, Around the World

We promote working from the comfort of your own home, or wherever you prefer! As a cloud-based company, we offer a flexible work environment for our employees and provide them with the opportunity to connect from anywhere with our support team.

SimScale’s Founders

Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG)

Commitment and Perseverance

We are aware that our long-term goals can only be achieved if we commit ourselves as an organization to a clear direction, regardless of the circumstances. As one of our company values “We get going when the going gets tough” says, we know that the future will bring unknown challenges and we expect to be up to them.

Sustainability and Responsibility

We know that the world’s resources are scarce and therefore we must manage them responsibly. We are aware of the dangers of climate change and we want to be active participants in the fight against its consequences. At SimScale, we are passionate about what we do, an essential factor in the pursuit of a better planet for all.

Excellence and Compliance

One of our corporate values emphasizes the importance of pursuing world-class performance. Our ESG objectives have the same logic: we strive for excellence in how we apply our strategy and the application of the highest ESG standards.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We want to contribute to a diverse world with equal opportunities for all. We reject any discriminatory act or act that threatens the physical, mental, or spiritual integrity of any individual. As our company value “We put the team interest ahead of our own” says, we acknowledge that the diversity of ideas, skills, and backgrounds helps to make better decisions.

Creativity and Progress

At SimScale, we always put the customer first. This helps us work towards fulfilling our goal. In order to provide the necessary tools in the search for a better world, we must constantly innovate in the improvement of our product. We believe this is the best way to contribute to positive progress. If difficulties arise, we stay creative and challenge the status quo: there are no barriers when we know that what we are pursuing is meaningful.

SimScale is proud to be a carbon-neutral company

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Join the Team

SimSummit 2022

Are you ready to become a SimScaler? You will get the opportunity to work in an international environment, with endless opportunities, and the chance to be part of SimScale’s success story!