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Innovate & optimize consumer products faster with simulation

SimScale enables consumer product companies to simulate and optimize their designs to produce better products.

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CFD, FEA, EM, and Thermal Analysis for Consumer Products

Reduced time-to-market and constant decreases in production costs are the drivers behind most consumer products. Products need to become cheaper and innovation cycles shorter. With simulation, companies have a reliable way to fulfill these needs.

Cloud-based, robust, and easy to use, SimScale supports the simulation of consumer products as diverse as washing machines, mobile phones, beverage containers, car seats, racing bikes, and many more, with plenty of different simulation types, including Structural Mechanics (FEM), Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Electromagnetics (EM), Thermodynamics, Acoustics, and Particle Analysis.

simulation consumer goods
Dynamic analysis of a carabiner
Light bulb simulation
CFD simulation of a bobsleigh
Tokyowheel wheel simulation
Bottle opener simulation
Football simulation
Bike frame simulation
Post-processing image of a mobile phone

Consumer products categories engineers can simulate with SimScale:

  • Food and Beverage
  • Packaging
  • Home and Kitchen Appliances
  • Furnishings
  • Sports Equipment
  • Automobiles and Parts
  • Leisure Goods
  • Personal Goods

Better product development with simulation.

Customer Success

Tokyowheel optimized the aerodynamics of its carbon racing wheels with SimScale.

In this analysis, Tokyowheel wanted to ensure their carbon wheels were aerodynamic enough, so they ran multiple fluid flow analyses of strategically different wheel designs in parallel on SimScale. In 30 mins, they were able to test 10 designs and determine the most aerodynamic design profile, all the while saving no less than $40k on hardware.

Representation of the improvements Tokyowheel achieved using SimScale simulation: 10 design versions tested, 30 min simulation run time, and $40k average savings on hardware
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Withings — Simulation Saves Lives

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