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simscale platform

Simulation Methods

Best-in-class simulation methods integrated to provide seamless workflows

simulation methods
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CAD Import & Edit

‘Come with your CAD model, leave with your design decision!’ — SimScale provides all CAD import and editing functionality needed to prepare your CAD model for simulation. 

  • All major CAD formats (i.e. X_T, STP, IGES, SLDASM, SLDPRT, IPT, CAT, PRT…)
  • Native CAD integrations (i.e. Onshape, Fusion360, Rhino)
  • Associative Update
  • Parametric history-based CAD editing for CAD preparation (flow volume extraction, clean-up, simplify, wrap, etc.)
  • Automatic contact detection
methods - cad import and edit
methods - mesh generation

Mesh Generation

SimScale provides various meshing techniques and approaches. You never have to touch the mesh but in case you want to, you have full control over the mesh generation details. 

  • Automatic physics-aware & Manual with local size control
  • Tetrahedral
  • Hexahedral unstructured
  • Hexahedral structured
  • Cut-cell
  • Cartesian 
  • Thin section meshing
  • Sweep meshing
  • Layer inflation

PDE Solvers

Instead of relying on a single solver that might be good for some but bad for other physics, SimScale provides various different solver technologies under the same interface. You have access to best-in-class solvers for each physics you’re interested in.

  • Implicit Finite Element (FEA)
  • Finite Volume Body Fitted (FV)
  • FV Immersed Boundary
  • Lattice Boltzmann
  • Electromagnetics
methods - pde solvers
methods - ai solvers

AI Solvers

Data generated on SimScale can be used to train AI models to predict physics in real time. 

  • Integrated AI framework to train, deploy and use AI solvers
  • Graph-Neural-Network based, applicable to all physics
  • AI solvers enable real-time predictions


Modern and interactive 3D post-processing capabilities allow you to explore large result datasets easily. 

  • Integrated 3D post-processing
  • Large models up to 500m cells
  • Data interrogation and analysis
  • Slices / Cut planes
  • Particles / Streamlines / Glyphs
  • Isosurface / -volumes
  • Point inspection / min / max 
  • Application-specific evaluations (Turbomachinery, AEC, …)
  • Field calculator
  • Compare view
  • Animations / Image capture
methods - post processing

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