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Multiphase Flow Simulation

SimScale offers robust multiphase simulation capabilities that leverage our cloud-native platform to simplify the simulation workflow and reduce simulation turnaround time.

Multiphase flow is common in many industrial applications like process engineering, oil & gas equipment, turbomachinery & industrial equipment, marine, and hydraulic engineering. Multiphase flow simulations are inherently complex and time-consuming. Accuracy and fast turnaround time are crucial for evaluating design performance. 

AEC and Hydraulic Engineering

  • Dam break analysis
  • Hydraulic design of stormwater drainage culverts & irrigation systems
  • Dynamic forces and free surface wave patterns on hydraulic structures like radial gates, tunnel chutes, and spillways
  • Approach conditions on pump sumps and inlet geometry effects on reservoir mixing

Multiphase Flows in Industrial Equipment

  • 3D flow patterns and mixing efficiency in industrial mixers
  • Separation efficiency and phase fraction distribution in fluid separation systems
  • Mixing and air flow rate analysis in aeration beds
  • Design of desalination equipment, fluid behavior in venturi scrubbers and gas mixers

Rotating Machinery

  • Mixing efficiency and flow behavior in Rushton turbines, industrial mixers, pharmaceutical mixers, and stirred tank reactors
  • Flow analysis and performance curves for two-phase flow through rotodynamic pumps, hydraulic turbines, and valves
  • Efficiency and resistance performance of marine propellers

Flow Control and Automotive Equipment Design

  • Pressure drops and hydraulic loss assessment through subsea piping systems
  • Flow capacity assessment of multiphase mixtures through different types of valves
  • Tank filling, fuel injectors, coolant flows through HVAC systems and lubricant flows through engine chambers
  • Flow rate and range analysis of fire fighting equipment


  • Marine propeller cavitation and performance assessment
  • Hydrofoil design and efficiency computations
  • Static ship/boat hull resistance studies
ship hall resistance


  • Fast solution turnaround with transient results in a few hours
  • Robust convergence for real material properties and intricate geometries, with automatic CFL adjustment for interface equations
  • Comprehensive physics with high-order reconstructions schemes for interface resolution
  • Accurate correlation with test data for a wide variety of multiphase and free surface problems
  • Intuitive simulation workflow with inbuilt parametrization and CAD associativity for fast design iterations

SimScale is the only platform that makes simulation truly accessible, realizing the above benefits without the hassles of traditional simulation software.

simulation visualization of a turbine

Customer Success

Orbital Marine Power Optimized Floating Tidal Stream Turbine

Orbital Marine Power used SimScale to optimize the hydrodynamic performance of a tidal stream turbine. They were able to reduce the design process by 3 months and saved over £10k.

orbital marine power 3 months saved 10k GBP cost savings

Example Multiphase Projects

Valve CFD

Start simulating multiphase flow right in your browser