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thermal management analysis type simulation hub page for simscale

Thermal Management: Optimize Your Electronics Cooling Designs

Electronics thermal management through cloud-based CFD

Predict thermal distributions accurately to improve your electronic thermal environment directly in your web browser using cloud-based CFD simulation.

Why Cloud-Based Simulation?

Thermal integrity is one of the most important considerations for electronic packaging that affect its product lifecycle. The thermal impact is a key factor for material selection, as well as informing cooling and form factor decisions that determine the weight, size, and cost of the end-stage design.

Through the power of the cloud, SimScale enables engineers to quickly and efficiently evaluate and improve electronic thermal environments, ultimately speeding up the iterative electronics cooling design process as a whole.

Using cloud-based simulation, you can:

  • Run multiple simulations in parallel
  • Simulate CFDFEA, or thermal applications autonomously and simultaneously
  • Run simulations quickly with an easy-to-learn interface
  • Avoid manual updates, installation, maintenance, and any related fees
thermal evaluation of pcb board through thermal analysis using cloud-based cfd

Electronics Thermal Management Applications

fsae battery pack thermal comets

Thermal Simulation of Electronics Enclosure

SimScale enables fast and accurate thermal simulations of electronics enclosure designs right from your preferred web browser.

Make informed design decisions on:

  • Fan sizing and placement
  • Heat sink design
  • Heat pipe characterization
  • Component placement
  • and more

Thermal Simulation of Lighting Designs

Thermal analysis of LED fixtures has become crucial in the early design stages as LED cooling strategies are increasingly taking precedence.

Run a thermal simulation of luminaire designs in your browser to engineer more reliable and higher-performing lighting solutions faster.

street light thermal flow
thermal management project of a programmable heating mantle using cht analysis from simscale

Heat Sink Design Simulation Tool

Heat sink design is essential to electronic cooling in order to maintain the electronic components below the maximum allowed operating temperature.

SimScale enables you to study the heat dissipation efficiency of a heat sink both in the conceptual and detailed design stages easily and quickly in your web browser.

Want to run a thermal management study of your own?

Customer Success

Samco Increased Product Lifetime x10 Using SimScale

In this analysis, Samco used structural analysis simulations to test the vacuum chamber of their plasma cleaner and introduce design modifications that can help extend its lifetime. Using SimScale, they managed to increase the product lifetime from 100,000 to 1,000,000 operating cycles.

The meshed CAD model and deformation analysis of a plasma cleaner's vacuum chamber from Samco

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Validation Cases

Check out the latest thermal management simulations performed in SimScale and validated against experimental and/or analytical results.

Thermal Management Resources

Your hub for everything about electronics cooling and the world of CAE in the cloud. Check out our technical documentation section and learn about thermal comfort parameters.

Example Thermal Management Projects