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Sustainable design iteration, analysis, and optimization enabled through SimScale’s innovative CAE solution.

Cloud-based CAE unlocks sustainability solutions and innovation while reducing costs.
Democratizing simulation only works with centralized know-how. Learn how SimScale’s simulation software can provide your company with environmental engineering solutions including sustainable building design today through web-based CFD, FEA, Electromagnetics, and Thermal simulation.

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Sustainability Solutions Enabled Through Simulation Across All Industries.

sustainable design in engineering for buildings and structures from simscale's cloud-based platform

Sustainable Design in Engineering

  • In the engineering world, sustainable design, whether that’s buildings or products, aims to create resource-efficiently outputs, complying with governing and global regulations to reduce carbon emissions and ultimately do not negatively impact the environment. 
  • As we strive to improve the quality of our products, and our natural and built environments through innovative design solutions, the demand for sustainable and green technologies has never been higher. 
  • Across virtually all industries, companies and engineers alike must work to not only understand but drastically reduce the environmental impacts of their respective activities.
  • In the world of simulation, cloud-based platforms like SimScale aim to provide analysis tools and collaboration platforms for designing sustainability solutions. 

Cloud-Based Simulation and Sustainable Design

Engineers can work to improve the sustainability of their plans and mitigate the carbon footprint of their projects in many ways. 

  • On a global scale, environmental engineering solutions must follow sustainable and green certification systems like LEED, BREEAM, and LEED Zero as we head towards a net-zero built environment by 2050. How is this achievable? Cloud-based simulation software
  • Let’s look at an example. Integrated Environmental Solutions (IES) is a pioneer of building simulation, and their product the Virtual Environment (VE) is globally recognized as the leader in building performance and green compliance modeling, allowing architects and engineers to consider the wide-ranging environmental impacts of sustainable building design.
  • Additionally, SimScale boasts the worlds’ first cloud-native engineering simulation solution using CFD for the built environment. Within the platform, complete urban environments can be simulated for wind comfort, safety, wind loading, and general microclimate analyses in just a matter of hours, with sustainable design iterations running in parallel. 
  • What’s more? both IES and SimScale offer publicly available APIs. This means a VE model can be simulated in SimScale, and the data can be instantly shared to the IES environment. The future of sustainability is now.  Learn more here.
sustainable design ies and simscale sustainability solutions
sustainability solutions powered by cloud-based cfd simulation simscale

Sustainable Building Design

Sustainable design solutions for the built environment, enhanced through cloud-based simulation software.

  • Building simulation architects engineers who add innovative CAE solutions to their design process benefit from increased accuracy, quicker final design turnaround, and cost-savings as AEC technology advances. 
  • Teams operating in silos and projects involving many time-consuming sign-offs can now be automated, with shared dashboards, collaboration features, and API integration to link different design tools. 
  • With every step of your sustainable building design process —massing models, construction planning, building performance, and more—SimScale is there to support you. 
  • Learn how SimScale supports architecture firms like Zaha Hadid Architects through providing fast design results for occupant thermal comfort and net-zero building energy consumption.

Environmental Engineering Solutions

SimScale supports green engineering solutions through fast and efficient simulation for a plethora of applications.

  • As the increasing demand for high-powered electronics grows in parallel to the need for sustainable and eco-friendly electronic systems and products, cloud-based simulation can provide a competitive edge. 
  • SimScale’s CFD and thermal analysis types allow for fast design iteration on virtually all parameters including temperature, size, weight, operating conditions, allowing engineers to determine the most sustainable and innovative thermal management strategy.
  • Moreover, SimScale has helped many customers through environmental engineering solutions achieve their design dreams for products such as electric vehicles through sustainable battery thermal management, through fast iteration, optimization, and in a cost-effective, and low-resource fashion.
environmental engineering solutions for electric vehicles and electronics cooling systems and applications

Learn how SimScale can add value to your sustainability solutions through cloud-based CAE

Customers Who Simulate Their Sustainable Designs With SimScale

Check out some of our customers’ sustainable building design success stories.

  • “SimScale shortens the project processing time for flow simulations in architecture and building technology, enabling simulation as an integral part of the design. This allows meaningful solutions that save money, resources, energy, and space. In turn, this is how truly sustainable solutions are achieved.” EPRO Engineering
  • “If there is an architect that comes to you with a geometry in the morning, you can get the building ready for simulation in one or two hours, get the results after lunch and have time to go through a process of changes, according to the results. So in one day, we are able to optimize. The results we get from SimScale help us quickly understand how a building is going to behave and what kind of impact the building geometry will have on the surrounding space.” Zaha Hadid Architects
sustainable building design zaha hadid sustainable design with simscale
thornton tomasetti digital wind tunnel using simscale api integration

Optimized Sustainable Design Workflow Through API Integration

Check out Thornton Tomasetti’s API-enabled success story here, and see how some customers are using SimScale’s API capabilities to unlock unlimited potential.

“The digital wind tunnel app created by the CORE Studio Group is a CFD app using wind simulations for urban developments and looking particularly at PWC, structural wind loading, facade pressures, and integrating these analysis types into our digital design workflows. The app is really for the larger pool of engineers who might not be CFD experts but can run a quick simulation without leaving the rhino design environment.”

Jeroen Janssen, Associate Director at Thornton Tomasetti

Digital Innovations in the Design of Sustainable Buildings

Learn how Mott MacDonald uses cloud-based simulation to engineer innovative solutions for sustainable buildings and structures. Check out our recent industrial simulation virtual workshop with Mott MacDonald.

“You just don’t get the same scalability working locally as you do when using cloud simulation in SimScale.”

Mott MacDonald

mott mac case study sustainable design with simscale

Accelerate your sustainable building design workflow with an organization-wide simulation backbone.

Unlimited high-performance computing & data management
Reduce simulation turnaround time and explore more designs by running unlimited simulations simultaneously.

Proven simulation technology
Gain confidence in your results all within one simulation tool.

Workflows & integration
Customize and automate your simulation workflows for more agile, remote, and broad simulation work.

Collaboration & enterprise controls
Maintain central control over simulation quality and usage.

Our mission is to unleash sustainable design simulation – across users, applications, industries, and product life cycle phases.

Learn more about our simulation solutions for your company and customers, and how SimScale can improve your sustainable design process there with persistent and scalable simulation.