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Drive innovation and minimize development costs with advanced simulation solutions

SimScale enables rapid iterative physical simulations of complex multi-body assemblies in a simple-to-use, cloud platform. This toolset can be used by equipment OEMs and integrators to drive performance, increase reliability, enhance safety, and ultimately reduce the cost of production.

machinery and industrial equipment
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CFD and FEA for Machinery & Industrial Equipment

In the industrial equipment industry, customer expectations and government regulations are related to strength, speed, safety, reliability, and endurance under different operating conditions.

SimScale helps optimize the design early in the design cycle. This ensures the production of high-performance machinery with a shorter time-to-market and lower costs for physical testing.

Perfectly suited for simulating all types of machinery and industrial equipment — with mounting, clamping, adjusting, rotating and other elements — SimScale is a simulation tool used across many different industries, including construction, mining, automotive, chemical, and steel industries and many more.

industrial equipment simulation
Fan simulation result
Stress analysis of a reclaimer
Particle flow analysis of a cyclone separator
Flow analysis of a suction nozzle
Industrial equipment simulation
Radial stamp simulation
Airflow through a radial impeller
Fluid flow through a static mixer

Industrial equipment categories engineers can simulate with SimScale:

  • Heavy equipment/construction equipment
  • Plant machinery
  • Machine tools (lathe, drill press)
  • Cutting tools and rolling machines
  • Industrial robots and packaging machinery
  • Industrial ovens, separator devices
  • Ventilators and turbines
  • Pumps & Valves

CFD, FEA and Thermal Analysis for Plant Engineering

When designing industrial plants, a process engineer has to deal with numerous challenges around physical effects early in the development phase. In most cases, plants need to work reliably over extremely long periods of time in different operation modes.

The need for better industrial machinery and components, larger units, complex installations or industrial equipment is pushing for innovations that can speed up the engineering design process.

SimScale contributes to the development of more efficient production by enabling plant engineers and mechanical designers to virtually test and optimize their designs early in the design process.

CFD analysis of valve
Particle analysis in a mill
Clamp simulation
Particle flow analysis of a cyclone separator
Flow analysis of a mixing diffuser
Post-processing image of a pipe
Concrete flow pressure
Fluid flow through a static mixer
Fan simulation result

Plant Engineering categories engineers can simulate with SimScale:

  • Heat generation and heat transfer (fluid flow, temperature fields, natural or forced convection)
  • Mixing (passive mass transport, particles)
  • Multi-phase applications (pressure drop, volume flows, performance)
  • Diverting, separation, and filtration
  • Reactor design

Better product development with company-wide simulation capabilities.

Customer Success

ITW Accelerates the Development of Fasteners

In this analysis, ITW deployed cloud-based engineering simulation at an enterprise level to study and optimize an automotive engine bay fastener used to connect pipework to metal housing. Using SimScale’s structural analysis, ITW optimized the fastener design, lowering the insertion force by 85% and reducing their R&D costs by 10%.

Two percentages showing the reductions ITW managed to achieve in R&D costs (10%) and insertion force of a fastener's anchor clip (85%)

BÖHME — Simulation for Manufacturing

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