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Increase automotive engineering innovation and efficiency

SimScale enables automotive engineering organizations to simulate earlier, broader, and faster and thereby deliver better vehicle designs earlier while improving engineering efficiency.

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Drive engineering efficiency & effectiveness with next-generation engineering techniques

The automotive industry is transforming quickly towards more electrification, autonomy, connectivity, and sustainability. OEM and supplier engineering organizations need to accelerate new product introduction while lifting engineering efficiency on legacy products.

The rate-limiting factor for both is the cost and speed of making sound engineering decisions. The organizations that will thrive in this transformation are those that can rapidly iterate through design iterations via aggressive simulation use. Legacy simulation deployments are not built for this as they imply long simulation lead times and siloed use.

That’s where SimScale – a next-generation simulation platform – comes in. It dramatically reduces simulation lead time from weeks to minutes, enabling automotive engineering organizations to innovate faster while increasing engineering efficiency.

simscale automotive simulation

How To Achieve It

Decrease simulation lead time

Cloud-native simulation’s HPC elasticity allows unlimited simulation size and simultaneous runs without the need to manage a data center. More simulations faster means compressed cycle times and faster innovation.

“Now we can innovate and test all the core functionalities (thermal, structural, and electrical) of the new high-voltage battery connector. We could not have developed this new product so fast without SimScale.”

Vincent Lin High Voltage Electrical Interconnect Engineer

Simulate early & broad — not siloed

Cloud-native simulation allows for decentralized simulation use while maintaining central quality control. Providing everyone safe and robust access to simulation becomes for the first time practically possible.

“Using SimScale in the early R&D stages of the product, we were able to fully leverage simulation capabilities into our product design process.”

Antonio Radenić electric vehicle webinar

Antonio Radenić Battery System Engineer

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Unlock next-generation engineering techniques

Next-generation engineering workflows such as generative, optimization, or AI do not work with legacy desktop data silos. Cloud-native simulation persists data in a way immediately accessible for AI, generative, or optimization workflows.

“The key advantage of using SimScale for us is to extract fast design insights at the early stages. We can then arrive at a final design faster and have more confidence when moving to the physical prototyping stage.”

massimo savi

Massimo Savi Mechanical Engineer

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Customer Success

Carlsson optimized their car’s aerodynamics in 5 hours.

Using SimScale, Carlsson Autotechnik simulated the aerodynamics around their C25 car. With a quick simulation, they examined and optimized the aerodynamics, saving an average of $40k on hardware costs with a simulation cost of a mere $60.

Carlsson car in the background with overlayed visuals showing benefits to using SimScale simulation: 5-hour simulation, $60 simulation costs, and $40k average savings on hardware costs

Power Maxed Racing Uses Simulation to Win Championships

Automotive & TransportationMachinery & Industrial Equipment

Automotive Design Compliance Using Simulation in the Cloud

Automotive & TransportationEngineering Services

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Broad Application Coverage

SimSale integrates a broad application coverage to predict the performance of various systems and components across different physics.


Electric motors

Fuel cells

Connectors & fasteners

Converters & inverters


Fluid/thermal management

Sealing & gaskets

HVAC modules

External aerodynamics

Wheels & rims

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electric motor simulation
automotive fuel cell simulation
automotive connectors and fasteners simulation
automotive converter and inverter simulation
automotive turbocharger simulation
automotive fluid and thermal management simulation
automotive sealing and gaskets simulation
automotive hvac simulation
automotive external aerodynamics simulation
wheels and rims simulation

Increase automotive engineering innovation and efficiency with cloud-native simulation